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Project Management Software

Supports Critical Chain Project management
Price about $700

Sciforma PS8 project management software 
Powerfull tool for Critical Chain Project Management - CCPM. PS8 supports both critical chain and critical path. You can download 30 days trial version. After you install it, go to menu Help and click to "Getting started with PS8" and go through. Otherwise hard to understand how to PS8 works and what it could do for you. In Help menu there is introduction to Critical chain concept as well.
Very capable software but a little bit tricky not intuitive work with PS8. The modern software should look and work different way.
Price about $1000 for 1 licence

Spherical Angle
They sell add-in module for Microsoft Project which incorporates Critical Chain/Buffer Management concepts, allows the planning of projects using both safe and average estimates of duration, to model the variability in duration that is inherent in all project tasks.
Price about $900

WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERTS 
WBS Chart Pro
is a Windows-based project management software application that is used to create and display projects using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Chart. A WBS chart displays the structure of a project showing how a project is organized into summary (phase) and detail levels. Can use MS Project data simply
PERT Chart EXPERT is a Windows-based project management software application that is used to create PERT charts (also known as Network Charts, Precedence Diagrams and Logic Diagrams). A PERT chart displays the tasks in a project along with the dependencies between these tasks
I do not have any experience with these two tools
Price about $200 for 1 licence